Thursday, January 26, 2006

skip to cambridge, MA

So obviously I have not been in Cambodia for the past 5 months. I actually survived that nasty case of water? poisoning. I went with Vern in a tuktuk out to see the killing fields and S-21 prison. Depressing stuff, made harder to deal with by the involvement of the US more or less using Cambodia as a pawn to get into Vietnam.

But on a lighter note, I spent a week at home in september and got to hang out with all my wonderfull peeps at purdue! love ya guys! then I shipped most of my stuff out here and arrived just a day before orientation began at Harvard.

And now skip to almost February where I've finally completed my first semester (damn east coast schedules). Survived Chem 206, advanced organic chemistry mechanisms, and chem 285, a great course about human disease. Also managed 3.5 rotations still without choosing my life partner (ie lab and advisor), a serious decision which hopefully I won't stall on too much longer. On the bright side cambridge/boston is a great place to be, I've been able to go to tons of live shows which i would never have seen in indiana, and my roomie emily is fantastic. I mean really, she even cooks! (lots of credit to ryan a. for the introduction)

The long winter break was great despite the specter of the chem 206 final hanging over my head. spent some quality time at home, at purdue, and with little sis and bro out in colorado. time really is flying by, which is good since this isn't supposed to be too painful until my 3rd year.

I'm planning on wrapping up my 4th and hopefully last rotation pretty soon. Then taking chemical biology and drug design/discovery as my last 2 classes ever! Also this semester will be my first time teaching - org. chem for majors! ah, the poor harvard undergrads who have me as a TF. I've also resolved to make myself make time for shows/fun times, these are my twenties afterall!

At any rate, I love you all and hope many will take the time to stop by in the next 4.5-6 yrs (really it's not a prison sentence i promise....)

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Amanda B. said...

I love you Emma!!! :)
Hope to see you out there in July! :)